Little Jack Lundin

I'm finally getting back into the blogging routine and have some precious newborn sessions I need to backtrack and get to first! Meet little Jack Lundin!

He is a precious, precious little thing! Watching his mama with him was one of the sweetest things I've ever encountered at a session. Almost the whole time, she sang these sweet family songs to him. He would wail, and she would sing.

Jack's room was perfect! It was bright, airy, simple, styled, functional, and just a sweetly inviting space.

In-home newborn sessions are definitely at the top of my favorites. There is nothing like those first few weeks in your home, re-making it into a safe haven for your new life. It's a beautiful mixture of chaos and calm, and there's nothing like going back and breathing in those first moments again. Jack has already gotten so big since we shot these a few months ago. I know those fingers are still tiny, but not newborn tiny. I know he still has those sweet tiny baby feet, but they're probably not nearly so wrinkled and fragile. If there's one thing I regret with my own boys, it's that I didn't have an in-home session done with them as newborns. They are only 3 and almost 5, but I have long forgotten so many tiny details. Little Jack, you are so loved!

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