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I'm so glad to be getting to "play" with these photos again! This was one of my favorite sets of images to sit down and edit! Emily is BEYOND gorgeous. Actually, well, they both are. Their wedding was beautiful, and the details made my heart sing! At one point while we were outside taking photos after the wedding, a gentleman was walking on the sidewalk. As badly as I wanted to say, "HEY! COME JUMP IN THE SHOT!" I didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, so I stepped out of the way. As he got closer, they both say, "HEY! WANNA TAKE A PIC?!" Mmm Hmm. I snickered to myself. These are my kinda people! Another gentlemen was enamored with the groomsmen and how fancy they looked. He stuck around just gushing over how slick the crew was. He was so into it, that he actually directed a shot or two! I was so happy to let him too. The man needed a camera in his hands! I can't thank Emily and Kyle enough for allowing me into their perfect day. They may think this was an amazing day for them, but I felt like part of the group the entire day! Cheers, to the Morlans!

The next two photos are where the nice stranger gentleman directed! He did amazing!

Here's Mr. Walking Down the Sidewalk man. He was so excited you'd have thought it was his own wedding!

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