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Hello lovely people! Meet the Lovans! Kelly, Jeffrey, and Blaine are just something else. They are quite possibly the cutest and nicest little family in the world. If you haven't seen me post about them all over my Facebook, they moved out of their first home and into a new home! In order to capture this fleeting time in their life, I came over and documented them making Saturday breakfast, playing, packing, and some of what Kelly thinks may be some of Blaine's last nursing days. I dove head first into the world of video, and I'm so excited that I got to make a film for their little family! I've learned that I absolutely adore and admire artwork on my walls. There is nothing like it. However, I also learned that nothing, absolutely nothing, can beat the recording of little voices, tiny hand movements, eyes gazed into mamas eyes, quirky toddler walk, and every little cute detail that I want to remember forever and ever and ever about my own children. I want to offer people a whole memory walk. Photos + films are becoming my heart, and I want a film like this for every single person I know.

Without further ado, here are those precious souls!

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