Dobson Family Christmas Photos

You ever meet those people and within minutes you can tell they are just super fun people? Meet the Dobsons. This little spunky spirit is Sarah! She's cute, she's hilarious, and she's cute. She's also really cute. She was adopted from Korea, and just recently her mama and daddy got news that she now has a biological baby brother! So guess who is also getting adopted from these gorgeous people! Tell me that's not a fairytale story. These siblings will grow up together, share memories together, fight together like proper brothers and sisters, all after being connected from across the world. Our session was pretty gloomy- weather wise. You'd never know it by their awesomeness. It rained pretty much the whole time. We checked the weather almost minutely, but given their busy schedules, we pressed forward. I don't regret it one bit. There's something so "real life" about the texture and creamy light that comes out of a groggy day. The greens edit so smoothly, the highlights are perfect, and it's easy shooting as I could pretty much just set my settings and leave them because of the uniform light. We shot at Huber's Winery with the intent of using their fully grown Christmas tree farm. We saw this baby tree farm with much less walking so we went with it. This was my second shoot there, and both were my only rainy sessions. Come on Huber's! Get your weather act together! No really, this place is gorgeous in any weather so I'll take it. Thank you so much, Dobsons, for being so fun and friendly. Come hang out at my house next week. Sarah can wreck the place in good company with my two boys.

OH! And if you want to help get Surprise Sam home, click this link and go help these fine folks!:

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