Lovan Family

Meet the Lovans! They actually are not paid models, as much as they look like it. I wish I could share every single photo from their session. This was one of those sessions that just reignited my love for every part of this gig- directing, creating a relationship, post-processing, all of it! I'll be printing a few of these myself just for a personal portfolio.

Kelly is a fellow Southern Indiana photographer. She's stunning, talented, friendly, and just overall amazing. I'm excited to see how we may collaborate in the future! She has shown me nothing but support and positivity since our first messages! I really don't think I could have met a kinder person to connect with.

During our session, little Blaine got tired and upset. It was past his bedtime, and he was hungry (I'd be upset too.) Some of the best photos from our session, I think, are the ones of Jeffrey and Kelly consoling him. I wish I could photograph this family every single day! I can't express how honored I feel to preserve these precious moments of motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood. I hope Blaine looks back at these photos (and all the other thousands I know mama already has of him) and thinks to himself, "Look how they loved me."

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