"Mama, A SNAKE!"

IT'S SPRING! In case you didn't know.

So I've started our heirloom seeds. We're starting small and manageable. No snickering. This was a week or so ago, and now they're currently graduating to bigger pots. It was time to get the beds built because our soil is something awful (and because dog), so I put the handsome hunk to work.

If you zoom in, you might be able to see what resembles a daycare's assortment of toys strewn all across the backyard!

Michael dug the post holes and found some worms. Charlie is convinced anything long and wiggly is a snake, which is a pretty good assessment I reckon. I think I heard, "Mama!! A snaaaakeee!" a dozen times this day.

After Jack whacked the poor worm with his shovel, I saved it and put it back on the ground. You're welcome, wormy. You try and try to teach your boys to be gentle, but apparently it's a human reflex to thump snake-like critters. Curious ones I tell ya. And I'm still not sure if they realize we weren't building them a play set. I lost 3 of my radishes to a monster truck doughnut from Jack. We are going to end up with two wooden boxes of dirt for their monster trucks I'm sure of it. As long as my expectations are low...

Charlie: "Thank you Jesus for this play box thing!" Jack: "CANNONBALL!"

This was pre-monster-truck-doughnut. Nicely planted all in their own spaces. Until the 2 year old came along... He also destroyed a Cherokee Purple tomato sprout and an oak leaf sprout today. I'm gonna need bionic plants I do believe.

Then we OF COURSE ended the day with a toy tractor redneckedly roped to the lawn mower. You have to give props to Michael- he's a genius hillbilly engineer. Ok, bets on how many edible vegetables I get from my garden this summer?! I'm feeling positive and thinking two. Expectations people. We have our weed barriers and hardware cloth down, the posts are sunk, and the beds are level so I will continue to update on our rectangles of dirt in the future- because I know everyone is on pins and needles about it.

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