The Bosnaks grew by four feet!

Hey guys!

This is my very first blog post for Dear Day Photography, and I'm so glad I could start it out with these special people I'm lucky to call cousins. They are so near and dear to my heart and have gone through the trenches for these kids. I'm not at the liberty to give all the details about this adoption because they aren't my details to share, but to say this has been a long journey for them would be an understatement. I've watched them throughout the duration of this process, and it has been so inspirational and eye-opening. They're truly amazing people.

Oh- and if you know David, you get the humor behind growing four feet. He's a tall dude.

Speaking of David, can I tell you how vulnerable he gets in front of a camera? He's a big, tough "let me carry everyone's weight" kinda guy, but you put him in front of a camera, give him a couple of directions for some kissing photos, and he turns into giggly mush.

Back to the adoption. I know you want to see those cute kids! They had two gorgeous daughters before the addition of the two small and cute ones- Alexis, Anna, Amelia, and Kyle (in that order). I joked we were going to start calling Kyle "Akyle" just to keep up with the "A" names. I do a lot of stuttering around them.

Angel (I tell ya, those "A" names!) gives such a rounded perspective on every situation I've seen her in. She's honest and level headed when no one else can be. She knows how to sacrifice and when to press pause. She maneuvers her way through situations with grace and is such a wonderful role model for those girls (and that funny boy).

I'm certain they don't see the magnitude of their parents' strength, but I'm just as certain they will in a few short years.

Congratulations, Bosnaks! Your family is complete.

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