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Courtney Day
Louisville, KY, Southern Indiana, and East Tennessee wedding and lifestyle photography

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Courtney here!

(I'm a mama, in case the photo didn't give that away)


If I'm with you on your wedding day, I'll be there fixing your hair after the wind blows it into your lipstick.


I'll help calm your nerves when you feel anxious about everything being perfect (it will be). 


I won't be able to help myself from telling you how beautiful you look about 423 times that day.


I will wipe lipstick off your teeth.

I will guide you before the wedding on the timeline of events for your day.

I will capture the ordinary. I will capture the extraordinary. I will capture you in a way you cannot see for yourself.


I will carry your cell phone in my camera bag. Or your lipstick, hairspray, photo ID, small dog, whatever we can physically fit in there.

I will stick with you the whole day, even if your emotions get the best of you, and then I'll pour my heart and soul into finishing each image with my vision that fits you.

If I'm there for your family or newborn session, I promise your children are fine. They are acting completely normal.

No they aren't annoying me. I love the action.

No, they aren't wasting time. This is precious.

I will guide you.

I will let you be you.